Hilde Lundeby

Board member

Hilde Lundeby is a Norwegian psychologist who until June 2019, when she retired, worked for the Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Services as a Senior Advisor – a position she had since 2017. She has a wealth of experience working in Norway’s correctional system, beginning in 1982 as a lecturer at the National College for the Education of Prison Officers. Since then, she has worked extensively within prisons and with drug rehabilitation in her capacities as: deputy prison governor, Bredtveit prison (1991-1998); head psychologist at Oslo’s methadone treatment centre (1998–2000); deputy regional director of the correctional service in the Northeast region (2000–2010); head of department for mental health and drug treatment at the Directorate of Health (2010–); Director of the National College for the education of prison officers (2010–); and governor, Bredtveit prison (2011–2017).

Internationally, Lundeby has given several lectures at female prisons and to NGOs in Russia and Moldova, serving as an international advisor on prison affairs for the Norwegian mission of rule of law to Moldova. She has participated in the China-Norway dialogue on human rights in the capacity of head of the working group for prisoners’ rights, and she has been involved in a European Economic Area project establishing a female prison in Romania.

On the publishing side, Lundeby has written reports on equal rights for women and men in the Norwegian correctional system, and on services for inmates with mental illnesses and drug problems. She has also published work on Gestalt therapy and written articles for several journals.

Lundeby has been a member of the board of Human Rights House Foundation since 2018. Lundeby is candidate for reelection in 2020 for another two years.