Christian Parker

Communication Officer
Languages: English, Norwegian, Danish
Responsibilities: Editing, Newsletter, Publishing, Writing

I value the opportunity at HRHF to call many talented human rights defenders ‘colleague’: to raise awareness of their essential work and the issues affecting them, and to tell their stories to those who ought to hear them.

As a communicator and content creator, Christian produces materials to tell the story of HRHF and the network of Human Rights Houses. Through communication, he increases the visibility of Human Rights Houses and their member organisations, and supports advocacy efforts to raise awareness of issues relating to human rights defenders.

Christian focuses regionally on communication with the HRHs in the Balkans and Caucasus. He holds specific responsibility for HRHF and the network of Human Rights Houses’ monthly newsletter and annual report.

Prior to joining HRHF in August 2015, Christian honed his skills as a writer, editor, and communicator in financial services advocacy in Brussels, and technology research and consulting in London. He holds an LLB in law.