Ane Tusvik Bonde

Senior advisor
Languages: English, Norwegian, Russian
Responsibilities: Awareness raising, Institution network and capacity building, Protection, Russia and Eastern Europe, Spokesperson

In times of closing space for civil society, I am proud that we can provide room and visibility for our brave colleagues who often work under threat to achieve justice, freedom, and lasting positive change.

Ane is a senior advisor at Human Rights House Foundation where she works to establish, support, and connect Human Rights Houses as well to protect human rights defenders.

She advocates toward Norwegian stakeholders, and raises awareness within Norway of human rights concerns and the work and priorities of the Human Rights Houses and HRHF. Ane brings to HRHF over 15 years of experience in working with civil society in post-soviet countries, and since joining HRHF in 2005, she has been instrumental in the establishment of Human Rights Houses across Eastern Europe, as well as the protection of Human Rights Defenders.

She is a political scientist with minors in history and Russian, and has also studied human rights at the Department of Law, UiO. She is a member of the jury for the Fritt Ord and Zeit Stiftung Gerd Bucherious Free Press Award. Her experience includes two spells as sub-editor of the Nordic Journal of Human Rights. Also, until 2005 she was engaged as a coordinator for Amnesty Norway, working on Russia campaigns and educational programs in Russia.