The April 2004 at the HCHR BiH ended with a very important happening, a long-prepared Parliamentary Annual Meeting. All members of HCHR BiH, other NGO`s guests and the most of media in BiH, were presented and followed the main conclusions of the annual work of HCHR BiH.

The Meeting happened only a week after the Stolac Conference, which also was organized by HCHR BiH and according this fact, and the conclusions from the Meeting, one can realize that this Committee really works a lot in protecting the human rights. Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in BiH entered the 10th year of acting and reacting in a feald of human rights. The members and the guests agreed that in BiH this NGO affirmed as a real protector of human rights. The most part of the Meeting was reserved for the Report on the State of Human Rights in BiH and the results HCHR BiH made in this field from January to December 2003. A lot was said about the constitution of a new governmental authority from the beginning of last year. There was no avoidance of the comments about the constant influence of the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, who continued with the order-giving practice to our politicians, neglecting the need to strengthen democratic institutions and dialogue with civil society.

Last year HCHR BiH mostly succeeded in giving the help to returnees and displaced persons. In fact, the most vulnerable area of violation of human rights in BiH, successfully was finished, and that is the implementation of property laws. Since 30 October, about ninety percent of claims for repossession of property were positively resolved. In 54 municipalities of BiH, the process of return of property was fully completed. The Parliamentary Board stated other actions which were undertaken, such as different reactions on the violations labor law, respect for privacy and secret services, freedom of expression and media. Bound to the relations between ethnic groups and status of national minorities, HCHR BiH emphasized that BiH had signed and ratified all important international instruments which guarantee the rights to the members of the national minorities, as well as those that prohibit racial, religious and other forms of discrimination. Special comments were given on bad support that authorities give to woman and child in BiH. HCHR bio states their position and strongly reacts on the public ignorance of their rights. The priorities for this year are the prevention of the violation of any kind, but children rights and education will be on the first place. Also, the education of the activists and future activists throughout three Human Rights Schools will continue. The special accent must be provided on finding out the modals for improving international relationships, affirmation the position of national minorities.

These tasks can be fulfilled only by the presence on the field in all places – regions that need HCHR`s engagement. In the middle of year, a new half-a-year publication starts, and it will have informative and analytical character.