On Wednesday, 8th of September 2004, Open Society Institute in Croatia organized a meeting with NGO representatives invovled in the emergence of Human Rights House in Zagreb. Topic of the discussion was the Roma project and the possibilities of co-operation between the partners and the Open Society Institute.


Croatian Law Center and its partners, B.a.B.e. and Croatian Helsinki Committee, applied with this project to the European Commission, with the aim to protect and improve the status of Roma population in Croatia. It`s activities will consist on providing free legal aid and educating Roma population in counties with greatest concentration of Roma people in Croatia.


However, project activities don`t embrace Baranja County, where Open Society Institute plans to carry out most of the activities within their programme of Roma education. Since the OSI finds some of the educational activities partners are going to realize within their project suitable for education OSI intents to conduct in Baranja County, they offered mutual co-operation and discussed the terms of expanding the existing project in this County also.


After the Human Rights House members confirmed the possibility of offered collaboration, OSI announced the possibility of addittional financial contribution to the project, due to its expansion. All present parties expressed satisfaction with achieved agreement, and anticipated the beginning of the project for October this year.