Mehman Aliyev awarded Human Rights House Network Award 2012

Mehman Aliyev, director of Turan news agency, received the Human Rights House Network Award 2012.

Aliyev received the award for his professional, tireless and courageous and long-standing work for the freedom of expression in Azerbaijan.

The award was handed over in Baku on the 21st of May by The Human Rights House Foundation. In her speech Maria Dahle, Executive Director of the Human Rights House Foundation, stressed that Mehman Aliyev is an icon and mentor, but also a protector for independent journalists and media organizations in Azerbaijan.

“Mehman Aliyev has over the last 20 years been instrumental in creating institutions in Azerbaijan with the aim to safeguard the freedom of expression and independent media and the protection of journalists”, Dahle said.

Mehman is the cofounder of the Press Council, Yeni Nesil Journalist Union, Elmar Huseynov Foundation and Baku Press Club. He also has a huge commitment to the problems ordinary citizens face. When citizens have problems and face human rights violations – like access to gas, electricity and water – Mehman is the one initiating a public campaign to raise awareness and improve the situation for the citizens. 

“He is known as a patron for the whole freedom of expression community in Azerbaijan, including Nackchevan, so by giving the Human Rights House Network Award to Mehman, we want to honor him and thank him for his long-standing courageous, impressive and professional struggle for freedom of expression and human rights in Azerbaijan”, Dahle said.


  • Human Rights House Network 2012 Award Speech

    The editorin chief, Mehman Aliyev, in the news agency Turan received last week the Human Rights Network Award 2012. This is the speech of Maria Dahle, executive director Human Rights House Foundation


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