From left: Susanne Demou Øvergaard (Skeiv Verden), Ane Tusvik Bonde (HRHF), Arne Andreas Opheim (FRI), Lene Wetteland (Norwegian Helsinki Committee), Patricia Kaatee (Amnesty International Norway), Gaute Eiterjord (Natur og Ungdom), Kjersti Album (Naturve)

Handbook for Journalists Covering World Cup

Seven human rights organisations launched a handbook for journalists covering the football World Cup in Russia.

The handbook is a practical guide for journalists to inspire them to cover the reality in Russia outside the games. It not only covers human rights issues related to the World Cup, but also provides human rights defenders, activists, and journalists with valuable contacts.

It was launched in Oslo on 15 May by Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Amnesty International Norway, Human Rights House Foundation, Nature and Youth, FRI, Naturvernforbundet and Skeiv Verden.

The booklet highlights topics such as human rights, corruption, racism, propaganda, environmental issues and persecution of LGBTI persons.

“When you cover the World Cup in Russia, it gives you as foreign journalists the possibility to cover issues all over Russia, in other cities than Moscow and St Petersburg. I hope you will use this unique opportunity,” said Russian reporter Artem Filatov at the launch of the handbook.

“We neither can nor want to decide how journalists cover the World Cup,” write the publishers in an editorial. “However, we hope that Norwegian journalists are interested in the context of the matches – because that is, in our view, also part of the story.”

Photo: Norwegian Helsinki Committee

Photo: Norwegian Helsinki CommitteeWhilst produced for Norwegian journalists, the handbook is published in English and holds value for all journalists covering the World Cup.

The handbook is financed by Fritt Ord and published by the Norwegian Helsinki Committee.


September 12, 2018

Vacancy at the Belarusian HRH: executive director

Беларускі дом правоў чалавека шукае выканаўчага дырэктара – і магчыма, менавіта вас. Вакансія мае толькі два строгіх крытэры: валодаць англійскай мовай і падзяляць каштоўнасці правоў чалавека. Нават калі вы не адпавядаеце нейкай умове вакансіі – не вагайцеся, дасылайце рэзюмэ: дэталі абмяркуем на сумоў’і.
Пра ўмовы працы і патрабаванні да кандыдатаў чытайце ніжэй.

September 6, 2018

Алег Мацкевіч: «Я разумею, што мала шанцаў, іх амаль няма… Але я буду працаваць далей»

Праваабаронца з Барысава Алег Мацкевіч павінен быў перахопліваць замежныя перадатчыкі ў радыёвойсках пад Масквой, але станаўленне незалежнай Беларусі зрабіла яго іншым чалавекам.

August 31, 2018

Educational Human Rights Fest in Chernihiv

“The Fest is a free space where all who make efforts in the field of human rights education can share their own experiences, get useful advice, and plan joint initiatives.”