February 7th the Egil Rafto Human Rights House will host a CBSS Seminar on Combating Contemporary Manifestations of Racism, Racial Discrimination and Xenophobia. (February, 2002)

The Centre of the Baltic Sea States is a regional cooperation between states in Northern Europe. The members of the Centre are Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, the Russian Federation, Sweden and Germany. The EU-commission is also attending. Twice a year the Centre arranges a seminar focusing on democratic development.

The contribution from the Egil Rafto Human Rights House will be Ms. Elisabeth Guldbrandsen, Project Coordinator at The Egil Rafto Human Rights House, presenting practical ways of combating racism and xenobia on a local level. Focusing on the role of the civil society. Ms. Guldbrandsen will share her experiences from her work concerning integration of immigrants at Leirvik Sveis.

Other participants will be the CBSS Commissioner Ms. Helle Degn presenting the role of the CBSS Commissioner in combating racism and xenobia, Mr. Stephan Mo, Deputy Director General, Ministry of local and Regional Government, will present National Programmes and plans of action based on the Norwegian experience. Host for the seminar will be Mr. Petter F. Wille, Chairman of the WGDI.