A group led by The Egil Rafto Human Rights House has started the work towards establishing Bergen as the first Human Rights City in Norway. (19 March 2002)

The main-priority of the project will be to promote the Human Rights in civil society. During 2003 numerous projects, including Human Rights education in schools and twelve seminars open to the public, is planned. The project will culminate in a peace festival in November 2003, which will involve all the inhabitants of Bergen.

There is also a political part to the project, the signing of the Human Rights Cities Charter.
The Charter focuses on the rights of people in the cities, and when signed it will secure the inhabitants of Bergen a number of rights and services.

A project-proposal has been sent the city of Bergen, and the fate of the project is now in the hands of local politicians. A coordinator for the project will hopefully be employed before the summer, if the necessary funds are allocated.

The project was initiated by The Egil Rafto Human Rights House. Other partners are The Norwegian Helsinki Committee, The United Nations-association, The County of Hordaland, The City of Bergen, The Chr. Michelsen Institute, The University of Bergen and The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration.