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Human Rights Education and Expert Group

The programme "International Law In Advocacy" (ILIA) provides human rights education, capacity building, and an advocacy platform for lawyers and human rights defenders.

HRHN’s International Law in Advocacy programme provides education in international human rights law, strategies on how to implement human rights standards at national level, and entry into an active, international alumni of human rights lawyers.

ILIA`s defined aims are:

The program is a part of strategic HRHN program on capacity building and exchange of knowledge and aims at extending the knowledge and experience of lawyers in international human rights protection. 

To achieve these aims, ILIA operates two educational programmes:

Bring International Standards Home (BISH)  – focuses on advancing the implementation of international human rights standards in Belarus, and is targeted at human rights defenders and human rights lawyers.

Electronic Human Rights Education for Lawyers (EHREL) – internet-based distance learning to provide human rights education to lawyers.

Those that complete these programmes join the combined ILIA alumni of more than 100 lawyers from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine. ILIA continues to build capacity among these alumni lawyers – who increasing take local ownership – and to consider expansion of the programme to new intakes of lawyers from participating countries. 

The alumni follow-up support network exchanges knowledge, experience, and best practices (online and at seminars), cooperates with international organisations, universities, and bar associations, and documents, evaluates, and reports on topics essential to the work of human rights lawyers, such as the risks they face or the need to establish international protections. It acts as a source of inspiration and solidarity, and provides opportunities for cross-border collaboration and internships.

Access to ILIA’s E-library is also a major benefit for ILIA participants and alumni. This library features study materials, full-text articles, and other related materials on human rights standards and relevant case law.

Contact person:

Liudmila Ulyashyna
Manager of International Law in Advocacy Programme
Human Rights House Foundation
Tel.: +47 22 47 92 47
Mob.: +47 91 33 34 72
E-mail: liudmila.ulyashyna @

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