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HRH Belgrade

Human Rights House Belgrade is a network of civil society organizations which have gathered to influence the situation in the field of human rights through cooperation and common activities. The House was established in November 2011. Activities implemented by the HRH are: human rights educational programs, institutions monitoring, drafting recommendations and practical solutions, public policy advocacy and monitoring and reacting on current political and social affairs and reacting on human rights violations. All the work is organized around three main areas: human rights, transitional justice and rule of law. The main objective of the HRH is to cooperate with local and international CSOs and with institutions and through that cooperation to consistently and comprehensively contribute to democratisation. HRH is located in the centre of Belgrade in offices owned by the City authorities. The address is Kneza Milosa 4 and there are numerus activities implementing there such as debates on current issues with regards to human rights, promotions of relelvant publications, and from December 2012 there is also a library.

HRH Belgrade
4 Kneza Miloša Street
11000 Belgrade

 + 381 11 328 41 88

Serbia - Belgrade

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