Human Rights House Foundation

Norway - Oslo


Meeting place

  • The Norwegian Human Rights House is used for meetings, seminars, gatherings and other events.

Information and publications

  • The Norwegian Human Rights House is the secretariat of the Norwegian NGO Forum, a network of 20 Norwegian organisations that work with human rights issues. The most important work of the NGO-forum is the production of position documents that are given to Norwegian authorities prior to meetings in the UN Human Rights Commission and the UN General Assembly.
  • Health and Human Rights Info is an Internet project aimed at making practical information and material on health and human rights more easily accessible to health workers in the field. The project is initiated by the International Society for Health and Human Rights (ISHHR).
  • Portal in Norwegian: (by the Human Rights House Foundation). 
  • Support for the broadcasting station Voice of Tibet (by the Human Rights House Foundation).
  • Production of newsletters, magazines, reports, newspaper articles and books. 


  • HRH Oslo monitors and reviews human rights policy in Norway.
  • HRH Oslo also monitors human rights situation internationally. Monitoring activities include election monitoring in OSCE countries (by the Norwegian Helsinki Committee), fact-finding missions worldwide, defence of persecuted writers, and participation in international processes.

New Human Rights Houses

  • The Human Rights House Foundation is working to establish new human rights houses.

Awareness raising activities

  • The Norwegian HRH publishes protest letters, statements and letters of concern.
  • HRH Oslo organises various campaigns and demonstrations.

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