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Human Rights House Sarajevo

The Human Rights House in Sarajevo was established in September 1998, with the support of the Kingdom of Norway and the Foundation of the Human Rights House in Oslo.

The main objective of the House is to become a permanent place and area for the work of organisations engaged in the protection and promotion of human rights in BiH. Presenting the multi-ethnic work community, organisations within the Human Rights House are actively engaged in justice, conciliation, and peace throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The House has become a place where the representatives of NGOs meet and work together. It is the place where new ideas and projects are being created - all of them having in mind the objective - strengthening civil society in BiH and its process of democratisation. There are 6 organisations within the Human Rights House. 

In addition to daily normal work of the organisations located in the house, the Human Rights House also offers hospitality to other NGOs by offering them premises for holding of seminars, workshops, promotion of books, round tables, press conferences, meetings, and gatherings, etc.

From 1998 to December 2007, over 45,000 persons, whose rights have been endangered, addressed the Human Rights House.

President of the Board of the Human Rights House is : Mr. Srdjan Dizdarevic

Deputy President of the Board is: Mrs. Mirjana Malic

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