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Association of the Young Journalists "POLIS"

This Polish association was established by participants of the workshops for young journalists. Workshops are aimed at training the young people who want to work in this field, providing them with the skills necessary in this profession. These young people have a chance to contribute to the magazine "POLIS".

01-234 Warsaw,
ul. Kasprzaka 96 m. 8,
Image: Association of the Young Journalists "POLIS"The magazine "POLIS" published by Association of the Young Journalists is an educational magazine about the public life, dealing with issues from the field of human rights especially the rights of the child, right to information, rights of the persons belonging to minorities.

Workshops for young journalists take place in the conference room at the Human Rights House in Warsaw (The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights), on a weekly basis. The Association of the young Journalist also organizes open workshops on human rights for students.

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