Human Rights House Foundation


The Uganda Association of Women Lawyers (FIDA)

FIDA (U) primarily addresses legal issues affecting women and children.

Street address:
Plot 54, Bukoto Street
Kamwokya, Kampala

Programmes that seek to improve access to justice include intervention at all levels where inequality occurs through:

  • legal education and mobile clinics
  • protection of the rights of vulnerable groups, especially women and children in the household, community and nation
  • training of paralegals and community support persons
  • conducting research to reform and engender the law.

FIDA also operates at the household level to offer legal aid services to individuals seeking mediation of interpersonal conflict primarily within the family. In addition, FIDA conducts strategic litigation and documents cases that are handled as a basis for developing good practices and as a source of information for strategic litigation cases. This information also informs FIDA’s research programme.

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