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Image: Anton Surapin 
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Belarusian HRH

Former political prisoner got compensation through the court

In 2012, a young Belarusian photographer spent more than a month in the KGB detention center for allegedly aiding the teddy bear air drop team to enter the country illegally. "Teddybear Airdrop" - a protest action against the violations of freedom of expression in Belarus, during which the Swedish citizens dropped a lot of teddy bears with different signs from an airplane. 18 May 2016 »

Image: Crimean Tatar demonstration supporting the integrity of Ukraine, Simferopol,
March 10, 2014 

EU Parliament adopts resolution on Crimean Tatars

On 12 May 2016, the EU Parliament adopted a resolution on the Crimean Tatars. HRHN welcomes this resolution, and calls on Russia, as well as Ukraine and the international community, to address the deteriorating human rights situation in Crimea. 13 May 2016 »

Image: "Critical Mass" in Minsk ended up in brutal detentions
Belarusian HRH

"Critical Mass" in Minsk ended up in brutal detentions

The cyclists in many countries organize "Critical Mass" ride on the last Friday of the month. By this they want to draw the attention of city authorities and force them to make the city more convenient for the bicycles. The similar ride was held in Minsk on 29 April, and it ended up in detentions and searches. 04 May 2016 »

Image: Sport for Rights have written letters to Pharrell Williams, Enrique Iglesias, and Chris Brown regarding their up-coming performances in Baku in connection to the grand prix urging them to take a stand for human rights and to “cancel your Baku performance, 

Sports for Rights urges performers to cancel Baku shows

In June, Azerbaijan will host the Formula One European Grand Prix, despite the on-going crackdown on human rights. The Sport for Rights campaign, of which Human Rights House Network is member, urges Pharell Williams, Enrique Iglesias and Chris Brown to cancel their proposed performances connected to the event. 28 Apr 2016 »

Image: Leanid Sudalenka is faces threats and allegation because of his human rights activities.  
Copyright: Pravda Belarusian Legal Portal-
Belarusian HRH

Belarusian justice against the UN. Who will win?

On 25 April the human rights defender Leanid Sudalenka has lodged a complaint to the UN Human Rights Committee in a case against Ašmiany customs officers, who confiscated his laptop and printed materials during the personal search on the Lithuanian border. The activist has exhausted all domestic remedies, including the Supreme Court and the Prosecutor General. 27 Apr 2016 »

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