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Human rights trends from Western Balkans

Image: International Democracy Day: We call for more space for civil society  

International Democracy Day: We call for more space for civil society

Civil society has less and less space to breathe or even exist in many countries, let alone participate in public life. Authorities are using restrictions as a pretext to prosecute and imprison human rights defenders, criminalising the right to be a human rights defender, and the right to assemble and associate. 15 Sep 2015 »

Image: Belarus 2008 
Copyright: Uladz Hrydzin

Way forward for human rights defenders

Criminalisation and repression of human rights defenders is not the right way forward for Europe. Watch the video of the panel debate here! 09 Sep 2015 »

Calls for Action

What made the Network unique in the beginning 20 years ago – local voices, independence, democratic principles, joint programs, and international reach – is the same today. 07 Sep 2015 »

Image: Walk for political prisoners

Walk for political prisoners

They have been silenced, so the Network will tell their story. Human Rights House Network, united in Oslo to celebrate its 20th year, was walking to raise awareness of those who are not free to walk. 07 Sep 2015 »

Image: Building a Community for Change and Freedoms

Building a Community for Change and Freedoms

The founders of the Human Rights House Network believed change is possible. They believed much could be achieved by collaborating locally and internationally. Today, the Network is a community of more than 100 independent organizations operating in 16 Human Rights Houses located in 13 countries. 07 Sep 2015 »

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Western Balkans

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