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Human rights trends from Caucasus and Eastern Europe

Image: Protestors hold a sign saying “Armenia without Serzh” in Yerevan. Photo: Mamikon Hovsepyan 
Copyright: Mamikon Hovsepyan

Human rights defenders detained amid Armenia protests

As peaceful protests against the long-time rule of Serzh Sargsyan continue in Armenia, authorities today targeted human rights defenders and journalists, adding to arrests and violence against protesters in recent days. 20 Apr 2018 »

Image: Azerbaijan Election: “Increased restrictions” observed

Azerbaijan Election: “Increased restrictions” observed

Election monitors in Azerbaijan observed an environment of “increasing restrictions on freedoms of expression, assembly, and association” during last week’s presidential election. 19 Apr 2018 »

Image: Threat to independence of lawyers in Armenia

Threat to independence of lawyers in Armenia

Armenia has adopted new regulations that could serve as a punitive tool against independent attorneys of human rights advocates. 23 Mar 2018 »

Image: #26Solidarity for Crimea in Chernihiv 
Copyright: Educational Human Rights House Chernihiv

#26Solidarity for Crimea in Chernihiv

On 26 February, Educational Human Rights House Chernihiv hosted an event on human rights in Crimea in connection with #26SOLIDARITY, a global campaign in support of Crimean political prisoners. 23 Mar 2018 »

Image: “I Defend Rights” – Share your experience

“I Defend Rights” – Share your experience

Human rights defenders are sharing their experiences working first-hand to defend the rights of others. 23 Mar 2018 »

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Caucasus and Eastern Europe

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