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Human rights trends from Caucasus and Eastern Europe

Image: Documenting impact of human rights work

Documenting impact of human rights work

This is a daunting task that many human rights organisations face. HRHF has found that building a results framework can be helpful, and share our experiences here. 27 Oct 2017 »

Image: Briefing hopefully opens doors  

Briefing hopefully opens doors

For the first time, a non-governmental organisation has arranged a thematic briefing of the Council of Europe’s (CoE’s) decision-making body. Three human rights defenders presented their experiences on the front line promoting human rights. 27 Oct 2017 »

Image: Belarusian Human Rights Defenders’ Forum
Belarusian HRH

Belarusian Human Rights Defenders’ Forum

Some 140 representatives of 29 independent Belarusian human rights organisations gather in Vilnius, for the fourth Belarusian Human Rights Defenders' Forum. 23 Oct 2017 »

Image: Bernd Fabritius presents report on threats to the rule of law at PACE 
Copyright: Council of Europe

Poland risks becoming “dictatorship of majority”

“If you are the ruling party and you have the absolute majority, you have to stick to the rule of law.” 13 Oct 2017 »

Image: Stefan Schennach co-rapporteur on Azerbaijan presents the report  “The Functioning of Democratic Institutions in Azerbaijan.” 
Copyright: © Council of Europe

Azerbaijan: No progress, no concessions

The country must “put an end to systemic repression of human rights defenders and the media,” according to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). 12 Oct 2017 »

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Caucasus and Eastern Europe

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