Human Rights House Foundation




Phone & Fax:
  (0462) 934444

Street address:
Miru prosrekt 35/67
14000 Ukraine,
Chernihiv city,

Postal address:

- Educational activities:
researches, development and use of new technologies in the field of humanistic education;
- Environment and Energy: Promotion of clean and energy efficient technologies;
- Community development:
assistance in building and strengthening community life, increase self-organization »


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Postal address:
AR Creamer,
Yalta city,
Khalturina prov.,
building 18, of. 10,

Protection of human rights, education for human rights and the development of civil society. Training and involvement of youth into action on the promotion and protection of human rights values. The use of modern media technologies in educational activities on human rights.
human rights education, combating discrimination and xenophobia,
- tolerance,
- work in the legal advise office - Club of social and legal movies »

Chernihiv public committee of human rights protection

Phone & Fax:
 (0462) 625-381

Street address:
Gorkogo str. 57/1,

Protection of civil , political, social, economic and other rights and freedoms through:
- Legal empowerment, providing free legal assistance to citizens
- Combating Torture and ill-treatment , the implementation of the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM)
- Promotion of better access to justice and reforming of the judiciary in Ukraine
- Fighting against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism
- Provision of legal, social and other assistance to refugees, asylum seekers and migrants
- Resistance human trafficking and illegal migration
- Resistance Corruption
- Promoting the development of civil society in Belarus
- Protection of the right for peaceful protest and freedom of assembly »


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Postal address:
91050 Lugansk city,
30-letia Pobedy str. b. 2, of. 50,

All-round human rights defense and development of culture of human rights in Ukraine.
The main priority for the organization since 2000, is to protect the rights and interests of vulnerable children. For a long time the main focus of the organization was a day rehabilitation center for "street children". Since 2009, the Human Rights Center "Postup" coordinates the network of offices for the human rights for children at risk in the Luhansk region as part of the project of NGO "MARTIN Club"

"Child Advocacy Network of Donbass" is one more important area of work in development of culture of human rights through educational activities for a number of target groups. Since 2008, the organization takes part in a partnership action plan Ukrainian educational program "Understanding Human Rights”. »

Transcarpathian Public Center

Postal address:
I.Franka str., 56/18,
Uzhgorod city,
Zakarpatska obl.,

Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union

Street address:
Frolivska str.,
Metro st. Kontraktova square

Postal address:
P/o box 100,
Kiev city 04071,

Protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the courts, government agencies and local government to provide legal assistance to people in defending their rights;
continuous monitoring of the human rights and fundamental freedoms in Ukraine and informing about violations of human rights and
researches on human rights and fundamental freedoms, including the constant monitoring of draft laws and other legal acts in opposition to the adoption of regulations that impair the security of rights and freedoms,
public discussion of the draft regulations, the preparation of their proposals;
Human Rights Education: Educating events and campaigns , seminars, workshops , conferences , schools , etc.;
development and maintenance of a network of human rights organizations »


Street address:
Prospekt Miru 21а, оf. 15,
Chernihiv city,

Postal address:
p/o box 79,
Chernihiv city,

• Education in the sphere of Human Rights;
• Monitoring of human rights;
• Legal assistance in defending human rights (representation in courts and other government agencies, legal counsel);
• Arranging and support of public actions aimed at protecting human rights;
• Consolidation of all sectors of society around human rights issues. »

Ukraine - Chernihiv

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