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News from the Russian Research Center for Human Rights - 2012

Image: Kazbek Gekkiyev, Russian TV journalist, murdered on 6 December 2012. 
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TV newsreader shot in Russia the same day as a campaign against murders of journalists started

On 6 December Kazbek Gekkiyev, a journalist on the local TV station, was murdered in the North Caucasus republic of Kabardino-Balkaria on his way home. His death coincided with the launch of the Speak Justice Campaign. Its aim is to break the terrible cycle of murder and impunity currently experienced by journalists around the world. 09 Dec 2012 »

Image: Advocates from 5 countries discussed ways to protect rights to freedom of expression and association

Advocates from 5 countries discussed ways to protect rights to freedom of expression and association

On 29-30 September a regional HRHN conference "Freedom of Speech and Association: From Theory to Practice" was held in Moscow, Russian Federation. The conference was attended by lawyers, human rights defenders, journalists and experts from five countries - Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. 18 Oct 2012 »

Image: Artistic expression a crime in Russia

Artistic expression a crime in Russia

Three members of a feminist punk band Pussy Riot were sentenced this week to two years in prison for performing a song against President Vladimir Putin in a Moscow cathedral in February. 19 Aug 2012 »

Image: Russian internet 

Russia adopts law limiting Internet freedom

Russia’s Parliament has recently passed a number of new bills aiming to restrict freedom of action of civil society and to silence critical voices. Last week the Russian State Duma adopted a new law which limits freedom of information on the Internet. 17 Jul 2012 »

Image: Elections in Russia, poster of United Russia 

Russia: Draft law on foreign-funded civil society raises concern

A new Russian law would brand all foreign-funded organisations as foreign agents. 10 Jul 2012 »

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