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News from the Russian Research Center for Human Rights - 2002

Image: Report reveals police torture in Russia

Report reveals police torture in Russia

Police torture suspects and disregard a rising tide of nationalist violence, while abuse of Chechen civilians rages unchecked - and Western governments are partly to blame for ignoring the problems, The Moscow Helsinki group said July 9. 30 Jul 2002 »

Image: Kursk families do not receive donations

Kursk families do not receive donations

Donations received on special relieve accounts were not distributed among Kursk families. The Mother’s Right Foundation has filed a complaint to Reutov (Moscow Region) town Magistrate about the special Commission of the North Fleet.   30 Jul 2002 »

Image: Breakdown of the Chechen Republic peace talks

Breakdown of the Chechen Republic peace talks

Human rights centre "Memorial" and Moscow Helsinki Group announced at a press conference that negotiation platform on the Chechen Republic has collapsed. The platform was set up at a Civil Forum as a regular meetings of NGOs (both Moscow and Chechen), prosecutors, FSB, the United military commanders, Chechen authorities and special human rights envoy in the Chechen Republic. 30 Jul 2002 »

Image: Alternative service bill

Alternative service bill

With the crucial second reading on alternative Service scheduled for 14 June in the State Duma, human rights activists warned at the press conference on 29 May that the bill might be passed that makes alternative service not very different from military service. Several amendments give reasons for concern. (03-JULY-2002) 03 Jul 2002 »

Alternative punishment

Judges in the Russian Federation have begun sentencing petty offenders to community service as an alternative to prison in a pilot project aimed at exploring ways to relieve overcrowding in the country’s dilapidated prison system. (3-JULY-2002) 03 Jul 2002 »

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