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News from the House of the Helsinki Foundation For Human Rights in Warsaw - 2016

Image: MEPs adopt resolution on Poland 
Copyright: Ralf Roletschek / Wikimedia Commons

MEPs adopt resolution on Poland

On Wednesday 14, a resolution on Poland was adopted with 510 to 160 votes with 29 abstentions, but a solution to developments in Poland referred to as the constitutional crisis remains unclear as the deadline given to the authorities by the Commission approaches. 14 Sep 2016 »

Image: Open debate with UN Secretary General Candidates

Open debate with UN Secretary General Candidates

On the 12 of July at the UN, high-level representatives from States, civil society and the private sector discussed the human rights situation in the world. There was also a first televised live debate with the candidates for Secretary General at the United Nations, which was open for questions from the public. 12 Jul 2016 »

Image: Rule of law under threat in Poland 
Copyright: Lukas Plewnia from Berlin/CC BY-SA 2.0/Wikimedia Commons

Rule of law under threat in Poland

Civil society and national and international bodies have expressed concern at recent reforms in Poland and their impact on the rule of law. These reforms include changes to the functioning of the Constitutional Court, a law granting government control over TV and radio, a law granting additional powers of surveillance, and the merging of the functions of the Justice Minister and the formerly independent Prosecutor General. 29 Jun 2016 »

Image: Adam Bodnar, the Polish Commissioner for Human Rights meeting members of Campaign Against Homophobia 
Copyright: Grzelak Piotr

Attacks on Polish NGOs

318 Polish non-governmental organizations have signed an open letter to the Prime Minister Beata Szydło, urging her to take action in response to verbal abuse and violent physical attacks on NGOs and activists, which recently took place in Warsaw. 10 Mar 2016 »

Image: Council of Europe institutions visit Poland

Council of Europe institutions visit Poland

The Venice Commission and the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe are in Poland this week to meet with officials and NGOs regarding the constitutional crisis. 10 Feb 2016 »

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