Human Rights House Foundation


The House of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Poland

The House of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights is mainly devoted to human rights research, education and monitoring. The focus of the House is on civil and political rights in Poland and other countries. It currently accommodates five other organisations.

The activities of the Foundation include the production of TV-programmes on human rights, national radio broadcasts and human rights schools.

In addition, the House conducts annual summer courses on different academic levels for various professional groups such as lawyers, journalists and police officers.

The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights also has a project entitled "Access to legal aid in Poland."

The Polish Helsinki Foundation especially seeks to support and train human rights defenders in Eastern Europe and countries of the former Soviet Union.

Training Center

Since 1997, the Foundation has been implementing a programme called the International Human Rights Training Center. The Center seeks to promote knowledge of the possibilities of effective human rights and public interest action through specialised training of NGO leaders.

Poland - Warsaw

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