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Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (HFHR) launched in May 2011 a new program called “Europe of Human Rights”.

“We believe that in order to meet challenges that arise in the field of human rights, it is not enough to observe acts of public authorities on the state level. The supranational level is equally important. At the same time most NGOs in post-communist countries have developed minimal cooperation with EU institutions. Meanwhile, it is the perspective of these new member states, where human rights observance standards lag behind those of Western Europe, which should be of interest of the EU and Council of Europe. Till now, however, due to a lack of resources, also our activity at the level of the EU and Council of Europe was limited” - says Dominika Bychawska-Siniarska, who coordinates the new project.

“Europe of Human Rights” has been launched in reaction to this situation. Its goal is to increase the role of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in the creation of European human rights standards and bring the work of international organizations closer to the public of Poland.

In the new project the field of activity has been divided into three main pillars: European Union, Council of Europe and Eastern Partnership. In each of the pillars certain thematic areas, which will be of prime concern, have been singled out.

In the course of the project HFHR hopes to increase its activity outside of the Polish context as well as undertake regular steps to promote activity of the EU and the Council of Europe in in Poland. The work in the project will be two-way: by means of regular participation in the legislative process HFHR wants to provide their perspective to the European institutions, as well as inform interested parties in Poland about the supranational human rights initiatives.

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