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News from the Norwegian Human Rights House in Oslo - 2011

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Impunity syndrome in the Caucasus

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee (NHC) has worked closely with Georgian and international human rights groups in order to document crimes committed during and after the 2008 war between the Russian Federation and Georgia, and monitor domestic investigations of these crimes. Three Georgian human rights groups have contributed with information to this report, namely Article 42 of the Constitution, the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) and The Georgian Human Rights centre (HRC). However, responsibility for the analyses and conclusions rests with the NHC 29 Dec 2011 »

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In memory of Vaclav Havel

The democracy- and human rights activist, Vaclav Havel, died on 11 December. -With Vaclav Havel's death, Europe has lost one of their great leading stars for democracy, a champion of humanism and human rights in Europe, says Bjørn Engesland, Secretary General of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee. 19 Dec 2011 »

Image: One Year After, the Crackdown Continues in Belarus 

One Year After, the Crackdown Continues in Belarus

On 19 December last year we witnessed thousands of peaceful citizens gathering in central Minsk, protesting the oppression and the stolen presidential elections. That night all hope of progress was shattered as we saw police forces batter the protesters and arresting them by the hundreds. Presidential candidates, opposition leaders, civil society leaders and unorganized citizens were all herded into vans and brought to prison. Thousands fled, running away from soldiers and police beating indiscriminately. Belarusian citizens keep running still a year later 19 Dec 2011 »

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PEN-delegation denied entry to Belarus

A delegation with members from Norwegian and Danish PEN was denied visa at the Minsk airport and had to return home. At the Minsk airport in Belarus on December 5th a delegation with members from Norwegian PEN, board member- William Nygaard, publisher- Trygve Åslund and secretary general- Carl Morten Iversen) and Danish PEN board member and journalist- Niels-Ivar Larsen was denied visa and, consequently, entry to Belarus 07 Dec 2011 »

Image: Russian Duma 

Russia: elections do not reflect the will of the people

according to Bjørn Engesland the general secretary of Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Duma elections in Russia from the very start seem to be unfair and undemocratic. There have been serious complains regarding election monitoring, vote counting and other related procedures. Independent national observers all over the country have registered countless violations in the election legislation, including pressure against voters to vote for the ruling party United Russia 05 Dec 2011 »

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