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News from the Norwegian Human Rights House in Oslo - 2010

Image: 19.12.2010 Minsk 
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NGOs call on immediate release of the journalists and human rights defenders in Belarus

Numerous human rights organizations, including the Human Rights House Foundation, addressed Belarusian President Lukashenka with a letter, condemning the brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters, detentions and battery of journalists, human rights defenders and opposition candidates during the 19 December post-election rally in Minsk. 26 Dec 2010 »

Image: PACE logo 

HR organisations express concern with ineffective implementation of PACE resolution on N. Caucasus

International and Russian human rights organizations, including Human Rights Center Memorial, the Civil Rights Defenders and the Norwegian Helsinki Committee have sent a letter to the President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe expressing concern with the lack of effective implementation of its resolution 1738 (2010) on Legal remedies for human rights defenders in North Caucasus. 22 Dec 2010 »

Image: Liu Xiaobo is projected on the wall of a hotel during a torch parade in Oslo. 
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China lost its face by discrediting Nobel Peace Prize

By barring Liu and his wife from collecting the award, coming down hard on his supporters and muzzling debate on the subject, China's actions have highlighted the human rights plight at home. Tibetans show their support to Liu Xiaobo and for his release. 12 Dec 2010 »

Image: Tatiana Reviaka and Pavel Sheremet 

Presidential elections in Belarus: reform or stagnation?

On the surface we have been seeing a different kind of Lukashenko the last few months, with less tension, repressions and sense of intimidation, both Tatiana Reviaka and Pavel Sheremet noted during the seminar organized by the Norwegian Helsinki Committee on 3 December 2010 at the House of Literature in Oslo. Despite that both experts do not expect these elections to be democratic. 07 Dec 2010 »

Image: Persona non grata 

New NHC’s report “Persona Non Grata”: The CIS ban system for human rights defenders and journalists

The new Norwegian Helsinki Committee's report shows that over the past several years, six members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) have developed a common system, where individuals who are denied entry to one of the six member states automatically are denied entry to the others. This means an attempt of the states to limit contact between human rights activists at home with their colleagues abroad. 05 Dec 2010 »

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