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News from the Norwegian Human Rights House in Oslo - 2005

Image: Fakhra Salimi awarded the Ossietzky Prize for 2005

Fakhra Salimi awarded the Ossietzky Prize for 2005

The Ossietzky Prize; Norwegian PEN´s award for outstanding contributions to freedom of expression, will be awared Monday 19 December to Fakhra Salimi. This years laureate has been living in Norway since she was 20 - more than half her life - and has always represented a different voice in Norway´s otherwise rather homogenous and unisone public debate. 17 Dec 2005 »

Image: The Nansen Dialogue Network: 10 years of operation

The Nansen Dialogue Network: 10 years of operation

Nansen Dialogue started its work in 1995, following a spontaneous idea of Inge Eidsvaag, tells Ingrid Vik, right, the network's current Director. -Visiting Sarajevo, an Olympic city like Lillehammer – but under siege ten years after it hosted the Olympics – he came to the idea of organising courses in democracy, human rights and peaceful conflict resolution for participants from the former Yugoslavia with different backgrounds, in neutral surroundings at the Nansen Academy. 16 Dec 2005 »

Image: Nakhchivan election commission member placed under house arrest

Nakhchivan election commission member placed under house arrest

The Human Rights House Foundation and the Swedish Helsinki Committee have urged the Nakhchivanian authorities in a letter to recall all charges against the secretary of the election commission, Nushabe Gafarly. Gafarly, arrested after refusing to sign protocols on the parliamentary elections, which were marked by numerous irregularities. After being pressured she eventually did sign the protocols. In spite of this she is being prosecuted now. Read the protest letter here. 16 Dec 2005 »

Image: The key back to society

The key back to society

Selling '=Oslo,' the still very new magazine whose revenue goes half-n-half to the vendors and back into production of more issues, has changed the lives of the vendors. It has given me a reason to get up, said vendor 018 Dagfrid Fosen, normally to be found outside the shopping mall CCVest, in honour of Vibeke Omberg, the initiator and editor, on the event of Omberg receiving the Norwegian Amnesty Award 2005 earlier this week. 16 Dec 2005 »

Image: Dialogue - more than words

Dialogue - more than words

Marking the 10th anniversary of the work of the Nansen Dialogue project, one of the in-house organisations of the Human Rights House in Oslo, the network that has emerged throughout the last decade hosted a seminar yesterday entitled 'Dialogue - more than words'. The seminar also saw the official launch of a book, bearing the same title as the seminar, about the network's history and activities. 14 Dec 2005 »

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