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News from the Norwegian Human Rights House in Oslo - 2004

ISHHR Statement - the Tsunami tragedy

- It is with great shock, deep sorrow and almost with a feeling that "this cannot be possible", that we are witnessing the Tsunami tragedy, said Secretary General Nora Sveaass of the International Society of Health and Human Rights (ISHHR) about the horrific tragedy in South Asia.  30 Dec 2004 »

EU Guidelines an important tool, HRH says

- EU Guidelines on human rights defenders are an important tool for a stronger protection of and support to activists, says the Human Rights House Foundation (HRH). HRH participated at an EU conference last week about implementation of the Guidelines. 15 Dec 2004 »

-You ask such unbelievably poor questions, now reprimanded judge said

The Norwegian newspaper VG has as its front page story today that Carl Hugo Lund, the judge who conducted the proceedings against the police officer accused of involuntary manslaughter of former Norwegian Helsinki Committee employee Tomasz Wazcko, has been reprimanded for his arrogance and sarcasms in court, especially against the prosecutor. Lund's behaviour may have affected the jurisdiction in some of his cases. 13 Dec 2004 »

Image: UNHCHR supports universal membership in the Commission on Human Rights

UNHCHR supports universal membership in the Commission on Human Rights

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights , Louise Arbour, recommends universal membership to the Commission on Human Rights. - This will give ownership to the human rights agenda to all states, said Arbour, who visited the Norwegian Human Rights House on Friday.   06 Dec 2004 »

Concerned about Norwegian prison conditions

- Amnesty International Norway and the Norwegian Helsinki Committee want to express to you some concerns related to recent developments in Norwegian prison regulations, in particular in relation to a recent plan of measures for implementing pre-trial detention and prison punishment by The Norwegian Criminal Ward Authorities, reads a letter from the organisations to the Council of Europe. Read the letter  02 Dec 2004 »

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