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News from the Rafto House in Bergen - 2009

Image: Rafto House in Bergen 

Rafto House in Bergen: moments of the year gone by

2009 Rafto Prize for a journalist from Republic of Azerbaijan, release of a documentary describing North Korean concentration camps, demonstration in Bergen calling for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi and a free Burma and release of DVD presenting 2008 Rafto Prize winner's Pastor's Bulambo's work in DR Congo were the main activities of the Rafto House in Bergen. We suggest a summary of the NGOs' activities in 2009. 29 Dec 2009 »

Image: Afghanistan 
Copyright: Mads Nissen/Berlingske, MSF

MSF: Top ten humanitarian crises in 2009

Civilians attacked, bombed, and cut off from aid in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Republic of Somalia, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and the DR of Congo, along with stagnant funding for treating HIV/AIDS and ongoing neglect of other diseases, were among the worst emergencies in 2009, the Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) reported in its annual list of the "Top Ten" humanitarian crises. 23 Dec 2009 »

Image: Azerbaijan: 2009 Rafto laureate's husband seriously beaten

Azerbaijan: 2009 Rafto laureate's husband seriously beaten

Malahat Nasibova said her husband Ilgar Nasibov, right, and “Democracy and NGO development Resource Center” employee Vafadar Eyvazov suffer from rib fractures. The two men were trying to arrange a seminar in Nakhchivan State University to combat widespread corruption at the University but some fifty students of Sport faculty dragged them out and beat heavily. 21 Dec 2009 »

Image: Haidar 

Sahara activist wins her battle to return home

Aminatou Haidar's protest against Morocco's refusal to allow her to return home had mobilized the world powers to solve the crisis. International pressure had apparently forced Rabat to allow her to return to Laayoun, where she had been refused entry in mid-November. "This is a triumph, a victory for ... human rights, international justice and the Saharan cause," Haidar said. 19 Dec 2009 »

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Turkey criticized for closing pro-Kurdish political party

Amnesty International has expressed its concern that a court in the Republic of Turkey has shut down a pro-Kurdish political party under laws that fail to meet international standards. Kurdish student union, meanwhile, has launched an online petition to support the party. 16 Dec 2009 »

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