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News from the Rafto House in Bergen - 2018

Image: Walk for political prisoners

Walk for political prisoners

They have been silenced, so the Network will tell their story. Human Rights House Network, united in Oslo to celebrate its 20th year, was walking to raise awareness of those who are not free to walk. 07 Sep 2015 »

Image: Building a Community for Change and Freedoms

Building a Community for Change and Freedoms

The founders of the Human Rights House Network believed change is possible. They believed much could be achieved by collaborating locally and internationally. Today, the Network is a community of more than 100 independent organizations operating in 16 Human Rights Houses located in 13 countries. 07 Sep 2015 »

Image: HRH Oslo established as the first Human Rights House. 20 years on there are 16 Houses in 13 countries. 
Copyright: Karina Jensen / Aftenposten / NTB scanpix

The origin of the Human Rights Houses

In 1989, some Norwegian human rights organisations came together to create a human rights community that would help improve cooperation, share knowledge and expertise, and reduce operating costs. 30 Aug 2015 »

Image: Protect, empower and support women human rights defenders

Protect, empower and support women human rights defenders

Women human rights defenders challenge gender inequality and stereotypes, advance sexual and reproductive rights, and promote women’s empowerment and participation in society. They often challenge religious and cultural norms and patriarchal attitudes that subordinate, stigmatize or restrict women. 08 Mar 2015 »

Image: Good intentions need operationalisation

Good intentions need operationalisation

The Norwegian government recently presented a White Paper on Human Rights. It promises a more systematic recognition and protection of human rights. The timing is crucial- with increased pressure on human rights and human rights defenders across the world. 13 Feb 2015 »

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Norway - Bergen

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