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Image: World Mental Health Day in the Mental Health House

World Mental Health Day in the Mental Health House

Four-storied building seemed almost empty; patients were walking around like ghosts. Some of them asked for cigarette, others for matches, some of them were eager to speak with strangers; several patients who preferred to stay alone under the autumn sun. In short, life continues in the facility as much as it is possible with its purpose. There is one question: what will happen if the institution is located in any city of Europe instead Tbilisi suburb? We learned that patients have many problems alongside legal complaints. Mostly they complain about living conditions. 17 Oct 2014 »

Image: Scene of religious controversy in Kobuleti

Scene of religious controversy in Kobuleti

On September 10, Adjara TV-company reported about the incident about the boarding school of Muslim community in Lermontov Street in Kobuleti; Orthodox people protested opening of the school by hammering a pig-head on the door of the school. The incident became highly resonant. During several days Georgian media actively reported about the incident and follow-up events; society saw real threat of religious conflict in the fact. 16 Oct 2014 »

Image: Welded door for disabled children

Welded door for disabled children

Archangel Michael Medical-Pedagogical School-Kindergarten in Borjomi street, Tbilisi was founded in 1994. According to the website of the education institution, it aims to create good environment for the education, grow up and development of children, adults and youth with physical and intellectual disabilities for their further integration into society. 10 Oct 2014 »

Image: Life in the villages of conflict affected area

Life in the villages of conflict affected area

Villages - Plavi, Plavismani and Kveshi are located near the ABL, adjacent to the occupied South Ossetia. The road finishes with wire-fence 150 meters away from the Georgian blockpost. The 150 meter distance is a risky zone, where person can be kidnapped and taken to Tskhinvali for alleged “violation of the border” and keep you in prison before paying 2 000 Russian rubles. De-facto authority of South Ossetia calls it “administrative fine.” Nobody is secured from the so-called “blind shooting” in the direction of the Georgia controlled area from the 150-meter zone. 02 Oct 2014 »

Image: “Temporary” problems of IDPs

“Temporary” problems of IDPs

First in 1991, the former military school building in the territory of Tbilisi Sea was occupied by the former Defense Minister of Georgia Tengiz Kitovani, when he rebelled against that time government. He camped together with his status-canceled Guardia in that building and the Tbilisi Civil War of 1990s started from there. After a while, in1993 IDPs from Abkhazia sheltered the building and still live there though their accommodation was “temporary” shelter. 29 Sep 2014 »

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