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News from the Human Rights House in Tbilisi - 2010

Image: The human rights week at the Human Right House Tbilisi

The human rights week at the Human Right House Tbilisi

On December 3, the HRH Tbilisi and its member organizations (Article 42 of constitution, HRIDC, GCRT, Union Sapari and the Center for Human Rights and Conflicts Studies Caucasia) launched the Human Rights Week which ended on December 10, the International Day for Human Rights. Within the Week, different events were organized including workshops, documentary film screenings and discussions. The purpose of the week was to popularize and bring increased recognition to the International Human Rights Day and to raise the awareness of the Georgian students, journalists and human rights defenders in the fields of human rights. 13 Dec 2010 »

Image: New regulatory legislation: a threat to peace-building in Georgia

New regulatory legislation: a threat to peace-building in Georgia

With Georgia's 'State Strategy on Occupied Territories: Engagement through Cooperation,' the government has adopted new modalities for conducting activities in the occupied territories. Both Georgian civil society and international organizations have received the strategy critically, saying that the new restrictions the Georgian government has placed on their work in Abkhazia and South Ossetia will destroy the small amount of trust that has been built up between the conflicting sides. 30 Nov 2010 »

Image: Conflict affected people in Georgia

Conflict affected people in Georgia

On September 29, the results of the monitoring of the investigations concerning the treatment and fate of certain missing persons during and after the armed conflict in August of 2008 was published on the web-site of the Council of Europe. 20 Oct 2010 »

Image: Constitutional reforms in Georgia

Constitutional reforms in Georgia

The constitution of Georgia has been amended twice since the Rose Revolution. In 2004, the amendment maximally satisfied the President’s ambitions and gave him near indefinite powers regarding legislative issues. In the second amendment, in 2010, more power is concentrated under the Prime Minister. 13 Oct 2010 »

Image: Human Rights Trends in Georgia

Human Rights Trends in Georgia

Georgian Human Rights Defenders filed an alternative report to the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). The report assesses the human rights situation in Georgia, especially regarding the freedom of expression and media, freedom of assembly and manifestation, freedom of judiciary, the excessive use of force and the prohibition of torture, the issue of politically motivated arrests, labour rights, etc. 30 Jul 2010 »

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