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News from the Human Rights House in Zagreb - 2010

Image: Varsavska: Citizens' arrest 

Croatian authorities continuously violate the freedom of assembly

Around 140 citizens of the city of Zagreb in the Republic of Croatia were recently arrested during a peaceful demonstration in Varsavska Street. Arrests and other police interventions have been happening continuously ever since the protests started. International and local civil society organizations have reacted to these violations of the right to freedom of assembly. 06 Sep 2010 »

Image: ''Persons of other nationality, please go to the other side of street'' 
Copyright: CMS

Vego: Anti-discrimination is not a law, it's a way of life

Center for Peace Studies - CMS took part in drafting the Act on Elimination of Discrimination in the Republic of Croatia – ZDS. Legal experts in the Republic of Croatia, evaluated the law itself as passable, but had remarks to make on the shortcomings of certain parts and provisions of the Act. Their remarks are mostly on the lack of a certain hierarchy between discriminatory basis. 10 May 2010 »

Image: UPIM 
Copyright: UPIM

Unemployed women with disabilities more susceptible to diseases

According to the recent research of National Institute for Public Health of Republic of Croatia (HZJZ), it is important to increase the number of employed women with disabilities, enable them to undergo re-training and additional education, and to provide them with social support "through self-help groups’’ and creative work. 06 May 2010 »

Image: Round table on parking places for people with disabilities 
Copyright: Bruno Konjevic/ CROPIX

APEO: Lack of parking places for persons with disabilities

Association for Promotion of Equal Possibilities to People With Disabilities – APEO, organized a round table last week on topic "Let's make parking spaces available for persons with disabilities". 23 Apr 2010 »

Image: Marko Rakar, Croatian blogger and columnist 

Right of access to information violated in Croatia

A group of Croatian NGOs, including the organisations at the Human Rights House of Zagreb, has issued a press release regarding the recent police action towards Marko Rakar, right, Croatian blogger and columnist, calling state officials to respect international standards of citizens' rights of access to information. 21 Apr 2010 »

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