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News from the Human Rights House Sarajevo - 2013

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Police harassment of activists and protestors

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, activists and protestors have recently been harassed by police forces for various reasons. In Banja Luka, they were taken in custody for “informative talks”. In Sarajevo, peaceful protestors were in custody and interrogated about the 6 June and 1 July protests in front of Parliament. 25 Jul 2013 »

Image: Bosnians remember their victims

Bosnians remember their victims

18 years after their death in the Srebenica massacre, 409 newly identified victims were laid. Also on 11 July 2013, Radovan Karadžić’s acquittal for genocide in municipalities of Bosnia and Herzegovina was reversed. 11 Jul 2013 »

Image: Campaigning for strong human rights defenders

Campaigning for strong human rights defenders

The right to be a human rights defender has been reinforced by the resolution adopted by consensus at the Human Rights Council. The resolution focuses on legislation affecting, restricting and criminalising the work and activities of human rights defenders. 21 Mar 2013 »

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Bosnia-Herzegovina announces it will change its discriminatory constitutional provisions

In an intervention in Geneva, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia-Herzegovina announced that its country will fulfil its obligations to end discrimination based on ethnicity to access the presidency. 25 Feb 2013 »

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