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Implemented projects in HRH Sarajevo

The establishment of the Human Rights House in Sarajevo, in 1998, enabled the non-governmental organisations dealing with promotion and protection of human rights to be located at one place. It also made their joint cooperation, in all the issues relating to the violation of human rights, more efficient.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Some of the projects of the organisations within the Human Rights House are in the fields of:

  • Promotion of human rights; 
  • Acting in favour of the elimination of all the forms of discrimination against  women;
  • Rendering professional legal assistance to citizens whose rights are threatened;
  • Taking part in the work of the International Commission on Missing Persons;
  • Establishment of dialogue between NGOs and between different ethnic groups in BiH;
  • Monitoring of media in BiH;
  • Legal Assistance to journalists;
  • Joining the Coalition of NGOs in the period of election;
  • Truth as a road towards reconciliation and confidence; 
  • Submitting suggestions and proposals to the legislative bodies in order for them to harmonise the new and the existing laws with international standards in the field of human rights; 
  • Campaign of public advocacy called "Free press is the basis for providing the public with information in a democratic society".

Until December 2007, over 45,000 persons addressed the Human Rights House in Sarajevo asking for protection of their fundamental human rights.

The most frequent cases of violations of human rights are in the following field:

  • The right to repossess own property (apartments, houses, land);
  • The right to labour;
  • The right to social protection;
  • The rights of war veterans and their families;
  • The right to pension, disability and health insurance;
  • The rights related to the process of privatisation;
  • The rights in the field of restitution;
  • The right to alimony (mother, single provider).

So far, more than 26 500 were positively resolved.

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