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News from the The Barys Zvozskau Belarusian Human Rights House - 2010

Image: 19/12/10 Minsk Military Forces Against Peaceful Demonstration 

End of "liberalization" in Belarus

„The Belarusian election was severely flawed due to arbitrary use of state power and restrictions on basic rights“, - stated OSCE. Even more saddening was the authorities’ tactics to address opposition’s protests after the closure of polling stations on 19 December evening: hundreds of people were arrested not only on Independence Square in Minsk, but also at their homes and offices, making many recall the notorious year 1937 in the USSR. 27 Dec 2010 »

Image: OMON Independence Square Minsk 19 December 

Election aftermath in Belarus: 600 arrested, hundreds injured

The Human Rights House Network strongly condemns the arrests of the demonstrators, opposition politicians, journalists and human rights defenders and disproportionate use of violence against them in the aftermath of the 19 December presidential election in the Republic of Belarus. More than 600 people were arrested and hundreds were injured. 20 Dec 2010 »

Image: Lukashenko 4.0 – enrich, be free, but without democracy 
Copyright: ИТАР-ТАСС

Lukashenko 4.0 – enrich, be free, but without democracy

On December 19, presidential elections was held in the Republic of Belarus. Never before have there been so many candidates. So why was there no real change? Right, incumbent president Lukashenko, likely to stay in power. 17 Dec 2010 »

Image: Riot police brutally disperces the rally in Minsk 
Copyright: Charter97

Belarusian authorities hesitant to cooperate on torture

A report on torture by Belarusian HR defenders is now available in English. The UN Committee Against Torture is going to examine it as an alternative to the official one in 2012. The rights defenders would like to use the time left to establish a dialogue with the authorities. However, in their report the government insists no torture occurs in Belarusian prisons. 16 Dec 2010 »

Image: Human Rights House Network

Human Rights Day: a petition to the President of Belarus

On Human Rights Day, 10 December, 12 international civic and human rights organisations, including Belarusian Human Rights House and HRH Foundation, started a joint online petition. The human rights defenders urge the acting Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenka and the 19 December 2010 newly elected President to respect and guarantee human rights in the Republic of Belarus. 12 Dec 2010 »

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