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News from the The Barys Zvozskau Belarusian Human Rights House - 2009

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Preventive human rights defence: reality or utopia?

From 23 to 25 December Belarusian HRH hosted a conference Possibilities of Preventive HR Defence. Representatives of various organisations from Republic of Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine and the Russian Federation shared their views and exchanged ideas. 27 Dec 2009 »

Image: Belarusian Christian Democracy 
Copyright: Radio Svaboda

Belarusian House joined a letter to support the unregistered

The letter by international human rights NGOs is aiming to press the Belarusian authorities to provide official registration to the party of Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD) and stop the persecution of its members. The HR defenders also urge to abolish the repressive Article 193.1 of Belarusian Criminal Code. Find the text of the letter below. 24 Dec 2009 »

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Media equal treatment: the Belarusian style

December in the Republic of Belarus was marred by a new wave of ideological coercion. In particular, a campaign of forced subscription to state-owned publications has begun. It is linked to a country wide subscription for 2010. 22 Dec 2009 »

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Human Rights Alliance awarded prizes

On 9 December in Minsk the human rights award was announced. Human Rights Alliance, registered in Lithuania, annually gives out the prize. Two out of three laureates are alumni of the Human Rights House Network educational program. 19 Dec 2009 »

Image: Border between Belarus and EU 
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Documentary screening about the Belarusian-Lithuanian borderland

15 December Vilnius HRH hosted a presentation of a short documentary Borderland. The film was made with the assistance of BelSat TV crew. The idea was developed by United Centre of Initiatives for Republic of Belarus (JuBIC), a partner-organisation of HRH Foundation. 18 Dec 2009 »

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Belarus in exile - Vilnius

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