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News from the The Barys Zvozskau Belarusian Human Rights House - 2005

The International Day of Human Rights – sad holiday in Belarus

Since  10 December 1948  the International Day of Human Rights is celebrated around the world.“The situation of human rights in the Republic of Belarus is extremely tense”, -- stated a doctor of juridical science,- “it is hard to find any political rights stated in the Declaration that are not violated in the Republic of Belarus.That’s why, pitifully enough, we meet this day with pity instead of joy”, -- he concluded." The pitiful situation of human rights is confirmed with the commentaries of Stsiapan Sukharenka, chair of the Belarusian KGB, concerning the amendments to the Criminal Code that will be enforced on 20 December (the Day KGB worker). 13 Dec 2005 »

BAJ turns to the Constitutional Court and the Council of the Republic

The Belarusian Association of Journalists appeals to the Council of Republic to reject the draft of law 'On additions and corrective changes to several legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus as regards the responsibility for acts against individuals and social security' under the redaction adopted by the Chamber of Representatives. It also addresses to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Belarus with appeal to make a lawful assessment of changes to the Criminal Code. 08 Dec 2005 »

Image: Belarusian authorities limit foreign travels for students

Belarusian authorities limit foreign travels for students

On 25 November Tatsiana Khoma, fourth-year student of the international economic relations department of Belarusian State Economic University, found out she was expelled for participation in international student movement, the formal reason being trip to France. Ms. Khoma believes this very fact became the real reason for her expulsion from the university: -The political motivation here is evident for me, she said. (3-DEC-05) 03 Dec 2005 »

Image: New bill may cause Belarus to end up in worst period of Soviet totalitarianism

New bill may cause Belarus to end up in worst period of Soviet totalitarianism

The human rights activists of Republic of Belarus are against the introduction of the political articles in the criminal legislation.  On November 25, 2005 the chamber of representatives of the Belarusian Parliament adopted in the first reading a bill brought by Mr. Lukashenka before the parliament as an emergency measure. Many human rights activists share the opinion that this bill is quasi-legal and shows that the dictatorship is becoming increasingly scared to lose power. 30 Nov 2005 »

Image: A rift among writers of Belarus

A rift among writers of Belarus

Belarus political authorities initiate a divide among intellectuals. After the constituent assembly of the new writers organization, the literati have in fact been divided into "good" and "bad" ones. On 18 November Belarusian society witnessed the cloning of the Union of Belarusian Writers, which resulted in the Union of Writers of Republic of Belarus. This is yet another attack on the non-governmental public organizations, and an attempt to isolate the most active part of the Belarusian-speaking writers". 25 Nov 2005 »

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