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Association for Protection of Women's Rights (APWR)

Association for the Protection of Women's Rights in Baku offers free legal counselling and assists with lawyers in legal disputes over human rights violations. The organisation holds seminars on laws and human rights in several regions that do not provide legal aid. They also work to improve women's participation in politics, carry out election monitoring and offer courses in negotiation technique, leadership and conflict resolution.

Azerbaijan Human Rights Centre (AHRC)

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165-3, Bashir Safaroglu Street
Baku 370000, Azerbaijan

The Human Rights Center of Azerbaijan is non-governmental, non-political, non-registered, non-profit organization created on 29 April 1993 by free-lance journalist and human rights activist Eldar Zeynalov. Zeynalov's motive was his disagreement with the restored political censorship in the Republic of Azerbaijan, which blocked the publications about the human rights violations in the country, and the necessity of the permanent information of local and global organizations on the human rights situation in country. »

Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety (IRFS)

The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS) is a local Azerbaijani NGO that was founded on World Press Freedom Day (3 May) in 2006 by two Azerbaijani journalists; Emin Huseynov (former correspondent for Turan News Agency) and Sarvan Rizvanov (former correspondent for Turan News Agency). On 29 September 2006 the organization was officially registered with the Republic of Azerbaijan’s Justice Ministry. »

Legal Education Society

Phone & Fax:
 +994 (12) 4988175
 +994 (12) 4498192

Legal Education Society was founded in May, 1998. The main mission of the Society is to achieve development of legal consciousness and legal culture in the society by means of enlightenment. »

Media Rights Institute [MRI]

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The Media Rights Institute (MRI) has been established in 2002 as a non-governmental organization with a focus on legal defense of freedom of expression in Azerbaijan. It aims to ensure favorable legal and policy environment for freedom of expression and media freedom in the country. MRI provides legal aid to journalists and bloggers whose rights are violated or otherwise targeted for their work. It also monitors the legislation and policy developments on media freedom and engages in strategic litigation and advocacy for better protection of freedom of expression nationally and before the international bodies. »

Society for Humanitarian Research [SHR]

Phone & Fax:
 (+99412) 437838
 +99450) 3202534

Po.Box 158 SHR
Baku – 1000 Az Azerbaijan

Society for Humanitarian Research [SHR] is a think tank center, non-governmental organization created in 1997.The organization is officially registered on 14 April,2000. SHR is a member of more than 10 local and international civil society networks.

The objectives of SHR

- The preparation of the policy and monitoring holding on democratic developments of the society, human rights, migration, conflicts and the development of civil society.
- The preparation of the programs aimed at serving the people’s gaining of legal knowledge and providing free legal advice to the citizens,
- The preparation of the programs aimed at exploring the conflict and participating in peace-creation process, rehabilitating the people who suffered during the war.
- The efforts in the direction of the solution of the Nagorny Karabakh conflict;
- The analysis of the situation on Euro integration tendencies in Azerbaijan

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