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News from the Human Right House Azerbaijan - 2006

Image: Violent dispersion of the picket

Violent dispersion of the picket

On the 23-rd of November, about 100 activists of Popular Front Party attempted to hold a protest action, protesting against the government on eviction of the party and Azadlig newspaper from its offices. The police violently dispersing the action, detained 30 people. The particular rudeness was observed toward the protesting women and journalists. 28 Nov 2006 »

Image: ICG: Georgia’s Armenian and Azeri Minorities

ICG: Georgia’s Armenian and Azeri Minorities

On the 22-nd of November 2006, the International Crisis Group, working through field-based analysis and high-level advocacy to prevent and resolve deadly conflict, released the report "Georgia's Armenian and Azeri Minorities". The report calls the Georgian government to take significant steps to avoid conflict in the country’s ethnic Armenian and Azeri areas, as the growing tensions in the areas are evident. The Report examines the grievances of these two communities. 28 Nov 2006 »

Image: Joint Statement of Political Figures

Joint Statement of Political Figures

On the 21-st of November, there took place a meeting of representatives of political parties, human rights defenders, members of Parliament and editors of mass media outlets. The meeting was devoted to the deteriorated state of media freedom in Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as ongoing attack on mass media. The participants of the meeting signed the joint statement, given below, ensuring the active intervention of the sides for support of democracy and freedom of press. 28 Nov 2006 »

Image: Registration of religious communities in Azerbaijan

Registration of religious communities in Azerbaijan

367 religious communities passed the state registration in the Republic of Azerbaijan. 31 of them are non-Islamic communities. The U.S. Ambassador Ms.Anna Derse (on the right) said “there must come a day when the religious organizations in the Republic of Azerbaijan will act independently, without registration by the government, like in the USA”. The Ambassador mentioned that when this day comes, there won’t be necessity for such agencies as the State Committee on the Work with Religious Structures. 28 Nov 2006 »

Image: The Rights of Religious Students Broken

The Rights of Religious Students Broken

16 female students of Sumgait State University applied to DEVAMM with the complaint of not being allowed to the classes for having their heads covered with the headscarves.  The students told that they have been under psychological pressure for a long time, but recently the pressure started to be more aggressive. The chair of DEVAMM Hajy Ilgar Ibrahimoglu (on the right) organized the Monitoring Group of 20 people to make a research of the issue. 28 Nov 2006 »

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