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News from the Human Right House Azerbaijan - 2006

Image: Support for Media Freedom

Support for Media Freedom

The representatives of different international organizations, taking part in the annual conference of the Human Rights House Foundation in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia, disscussed the uneasy stage the media of Republic of Azerbaijan is at. Being seriously concerned with the ongoing attack on media, the representatives of 13 organizations signed the protest letter on the 25-th of November for support of freedom of expression and democracy. The text of the letter is given below. 28 Nov 2006 »

Image: Eviction of Opposition

Eviction of Opposition

A leading opposition party as well as several pro-oppositional information agencies was evicted from their offices on the 25-th of November, a day after the decision of the Economic Court N1. About 100 police surrounded the building housing the editorial offices of Azadlig, while law enforcement officers removed the organizations´ property and carted it away in trucks. Police did not let people in and kept journalists and foreign diplomats, whose countries have expressed concern about freedoms in the Republic of Azerbaijan, at least 100 meters away. 28 Nov 2006 »

Image: Transmission of ANS TV Channel Stops

Transmission of ANS TV Channel Stops

On the 24-th of November the National Radio and Television Council (NRTC) adopted a decision not to prolong the term of the license for the biggest independent broadcaster ANS TV channel, which had violated the broadcasting law and disregarded official warnings and fines. On the same day, the employees of the Prosecutor General's Office, the Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies sealed all broadcasting equipment of ANS Company. 28 Nov 2006 »

Image: Hunger strike for freedom of media

Hunger strike for freedom of media

The hunger strike of the representatives of mass media outlets, started since the 9-th of November causes serious concern.  The health of some strikers deteriorate, today the editor of Azadlig newspaper has been hospitalized. Despite of the strong urge of the international organizations, the government demonstrates full ignorance to the situation. Strikers demand to put end to the attempts of authorities to evict the Azadlig  newspaper  and other  mass media and organizations  from the building in Khagani 33 St., where  the newspaper  has been located  since 1992. 28 Nov 2006 »

Image: New Coordination Council

New Coordination Council

The ongoing pressure on the mass media in the Republic of Azerbaijan caused the creation of one more organization – Coordination Council for Press Protection on the 24-th of November. Considering the freedom of speech as an integral part of human rights, the Coordination Council undertook a set of obligations for protecting journalists and promoting the fair conditions for all mass media outlets. 28 Nov 2006 »

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