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Image: Human Rights Houses pay tribute to Mikael Danielyan

Human Rights Houses pay tribute to Mikael Danielyan

Mika Danielyan, chairperson of HRH Yerevan, passed away on 24 August. Human Rights Houses extend their deepest sympathies to Mika’s colleagues, friends, and family in Yerevan, and share the following tributes. 26 Aug 2016 »


Responsibility for violent clashes lies with the Armenian authorities

During “Erebuni” mass protests in Yerevan, largely peaceful protests have been met with disproportionate force, detentions, and provocations by law enforcement, leading to violent confrontations between police and protestors. The authorities have failed to meet their obligation to facilitate and support peaceful protests, and in many cases they have undermined efforts to ensure events remained peaceful. 02 Aug 2016 »

Image: Protests in Yerevan on 26 July 2016 
Copyright: © #PHOTOLURE/Hayk Baghdasaryan

Dozens detained amid ongoing protests in Armenia

Members of Human Rights House Yerevan report that police have detained up to 80 people in Armenia since the protests began. There are also allegations that police did not provide information on some of these persons’ whereabouts for many hours, did not grant them timely access to legal representation, and have used disproportionate force against protestors. These detentions come amid mass protests in Yerevan, sparked by the armed occupation of a police station in the city’s Erebuni district. 28 Jul 2016 »

Image: Open debate with UN Secretary General Candidates

Open debate with UN Secretary General Candidates

On the 12 of July at the UN, high-level representatives from States, civil society and the private sector discussed the human rights situation in the world. There was also a first televised live debate with the candidates for Secretary General at the United Nations, which was open for questions from the public. 12 Jul 2016 »

Image: Mikael Danielyan, Chairperson, HRH Yerevan at the notary office in Yerevan putting the official HRH Yerevan stamp on the contract. 

Human Rights House Yerevan reaches milestone

The process of establishing a Human Rights House in Yerevan, Armenia, has reached a new milestone. Together with the core group of organisations, Human Rights House Foundation (HRHF) finalised the purchase of a house that will be the future work premises for 11 human rights organisations and a hub for human rights in Armenia. 11 Jul 2016 »

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