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About HRH Yerevan

Human Rights House Yerevan unites 4 organisations working in various fields related to human rights protection aiming to create “one access door” services for the beneficiaries and by this eliminate the difficulties that citizens may face for getting support and services for their human rights protection. The House was registered in Armenia in 2014 and became an associated member of the network of Human Rights Houses in 2012. It will serve also as a platform for different civil society organisations, movements and civic initiatives to join the effort and empower human rights protection in Armenia.

Monday, 05 January 2015

Aims and objectives of the Union:

  1. To promote and defend Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms recognized by the international treaties and other documents.
  2. To unite efforts of member non-governmental organisations and to promote cooperation amongst non-governmental organisations, as well as amongst other human rights and fundamental freedoms protection and promotion non-profit organisations operating in Armenia.
  3. To encourage and to improve access to human rights organisations for the society and to increase the visibility of the work done in the field of human rights and the protection of individuals and organisations engaged in human rights protection activities.  

The Union is an independent structure aiming to provide a common space and auxiliary facilities to human rights NGO’s operating in Armenia, particularly: To allocate office space to member organizations based on the decision of the General Assembly, to let them use the library of the Union, to provide them rooms for seminars and conferences, to provide a space envisaged for meetings and legal consultancy services and in general to create professional working environment for the member organisations.

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