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Letters of Concern by right to freedom of organisation

Image: Human Rights House Network

Appeal for immediate release and full rehabilitation of all political prisoners

Arbitrary detention is used in Belarus against political opponents and persons exercising their freedoms of conscience, opinion and expression. The use of arbitrary detention as a tool of systematic repression of critical voices constitutes a serious violation of human rights as the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention underlines. We urge the authorities of the Republic of Belarus to release all political prisoners and to compensate them for the harm suffered. 24 Apr 2012 »

Image: NGOs call for action at UN Human Rights Council

NGOs call for action at UN Human Rights Council

44 non-governmental organisations, including partners and members of the Human Rights House Network, urge the Human Rights Council to raise concern relating to fundamental freedoms in Azerbaijan. 21 Feb 2012 »

PACE must demand freedom for political prisoners

Member organisations of the International Partnership Group for Azerbaijan (IPGA) are deeply concerned by the continued politically motivated imprisonment of persons in Azerbaijan for exercising their right to freedom of expression. 30 Jan 2012 »

Image: Call for immediate release and rehabilitation of Ales Bialiastki 

Call for immediate release and rehabilitation of Ales Bialiastki

The condemnation of Ales Bialiatski illustrates how seriously threatened freedom of association and freedom of expression are in Belarus. Members and partners of the Human Rights House Network call upon Belarusian authorities to immediately release and drop all charges against human rights defender Ales Bialiatski; to fully rehabilitate him and to ensure unhampered activities of human rights and other civil society organizations. 24 Jan 2012 »

Image: Заклік тэрмінова вызваліць і рэабілітаваць Алеся Бяляцкага 

Заклік тэрмінова вызваліць і рэабілітаваць Алеся Бяляцкага

Мы, ніжэйпадпісаныя 64 арганізацыі па правах чалавека, члены і партнёры Сеткі Дамоў правоў чалавека, рашуча асуджаем вырак суду, згодна з якім Алесь Бяляцкі асуджаны на 4,5 гады пазбаўлення волі з канфіскацыяй маёмасці. Мы заклікаем беларускія ўлады неадкладна зняць усе абвінавачванні супраць Алеся Бяляцкага і спыніць яго крымінальны пераслед. 25 Nov 2011 »

Image: Ales Bialiatski

Call for immediate release and rehabilitation of Ales Bialiatski

78 human rights organizations, members and partners of the Human Rights House Network, resolutely condemn the court verdict to sentence Ales Bialiatski to 4,5 years imprisonment with confiscation of his property. We call upon the Belarusian authorities to immediately drop all charges against Ales Bialiatski and stop his criminal prosecution. 24 Nov 2011 »

Joint concern about new restrictions on civil society in Belarus

Eight international human rights NGOs sent a letter of concern to the Belarusian Parliament today urging to quash the package of legislative amendments that severely restrict freedom of assembly and association and restrict foreign financial support for NGOs. 20 Oct 2011 »

Image: Joint NGO call to release Ales Bialiatski

Joint NGO call to release Ales Bialiatski

9 international NGOs sent a joint letter to Belarusian Prosecutor General of the City of Minsk to urge that Ales Bialiatski be released from custody on his own recognizance pending the investigation against him. 11 Aug 2011 »

Concerns with alarming human rights situation in Belarus

The Human Rights House Network is deeply concerned about the actions taken by the Belarusian authorities, police, KGB, and judicial system against human rights defenders and their organisations, lawyers, journalists, students, and other citizens of the Republic of Belarus. 04 May 2011 »

Right to freedom of association in Azerbaijan - call for an opinion from the Venice Commission

Fifteen human rights organisations jointly call upon the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to request an opinion of the European Commission for Democracy through Law (the Venice Commission) stating whether the July 2009 amendments to the Law on Non-governmental Organisations (public unions and foundations), and the new regulations issued on 17 March 2011 in Azerbaijan are in line with the European Convention of Human Rights. 08 Apr 2011 »

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