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Strategic HRHN programs

The mandate of the Human Rights House Network (HRHN) is to protect, empower and support human rights organisations locally, and unite them in an international network of Human Rights Houses. To help achieve this, HRHN has developed four strategic programmes.

Strategic programme I: Building networks and institutions

Objective: To facilitate the establishment of sustainable human rights institutions and networks.

HRHN knows that strong and efficient national, regional and international networks ensure better protection of human rights defenders and human rights at large. We therefore focus on establishing and maintaining sustainable institutions nationally through Human Rights Houses, regionally through regional networks, and internationally via the HRHN. This programme includes a short term risk fund and shelter facility.


Strategic programme II: Strengthening capacity and sharing knowledge

Objective: To empower and protect human rights defenders and their work.

HRHN is a “bottom-up” network. Cooperation and sharing knowledge is driven by local needs. HRHN builds the capacity of lawyers, human rights defenders and journalists in international law. It currently runs the Electronic Human Rights Education for Lawyers project (EHREL, which provides distance training for lawyers from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and Russia) and the Bring International Standards Home project (BISH, which trains Belarusian lawyers and human rights defenders). HRHN also carries out various capacity building activities in advocacy, organisational development and network management.


Strategic programme III: Advocacy and raising awareness

Objectives: To generate political support for human rights defenders and NGOs and to promote and protect the freedoms of assembly, association and expression, and the right to be a human rights defender.

HRHN  protects human rights defenders, promotes the work of human rights NGOs and strives to raise awareness about human rights. Its members alert one another when protection is required. This programme empowers local human rights defenders, enabling them to speak effectively to regional and international organisations and apply their knowledge and experience to strengthen national advocacy. HRHN and local Human Rights Houses raise awareness of human rights violations nationally and internationally, and mobilize international support by means of letters of concern, alerts, reports, campaigns, demonstrations and vigils.


Strategic programme IV: Fundraising and strategy

Objective: To underpin the sustainability of networks and activities.

HRHN attaches importance to shared strategy setting and long-term planning and undertakes joint fundraising activities to ensure that its programmes and Human Rights Houses are sustainable. The HRHN will seek to increase the funding it receives from foundations, individuals and corporations.

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