Human Rights House Foundation


Organisational structure of the Human Rights House Network

International Advisory Board of HRHN
The strategy makers of the Human Rights House Network is the International Advisory Board. The Board is made up of a representative from each region in the Network. The International Advisory Board meets twice a year as well as on ad hoc basis.   

Norwegian Board of the Secretariat
The Norwegian Board of the Human Rights House Foundation meets bimonthly and monitors the work of the Secretariat.

HRHF - The Secretariat
Human Rights House Foundation, an organisation based in the Human Rights House Oslo, Norway, and in Geneva, Switzerland, is the Secretariat of the Human Rights House Network. It is responsible for facilitating cooperation among the Network members and the establishment of new Human Rights Houses, supporting information and communication work, fundraising, etc.

Annual HRHN Meetings
Representatives of all Human Rights Houses in the Network, as well as partners, observers and guests, gather every other year to the Annual Network Meeting. International conference, workshops and seminars organised during the Annual Meeting contribute to information and knowledge sharing, capacity building, awareness raising and networking.

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