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CMS - Center for Peace Studies

CMS was founded in 1996 in Pakrac, Croatia. It promotes non-violence and social change linking it to education, research and activism. CMS has grown from various shapes od direct peace building in West Slavonia (Volunteer project Pakrac, 1993 – 1997).

 +385 1 482 00 94
 +385 1 482 00 94
Street address:
Selska 112a
Postal address:
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Image: CMS - Center for Peace StudiesCenter for Peace Studies (CMS) is non-governmental and non-profitable organization that promotes non-violence and social change linking education, research and activism. CMS has grown from different shapes of direct peace building in Western Slavonia (volunteer project Pakrac, 1993.-1997.). The Center is founded in Pakrac in 2006.

Aims of CMS:

  • Develop the culture of dialogue and non-violent living;
  • Encourage creative exchange of theoretical and practical approach to peace education, transformation of conflict and building of social justice via study programs, training and public presentations;
  • Research of issues related to permanent peace building and peace education, with particular focus on the experiences from Croatia and the region;
  • Develop recommendations for public policy development;
  • Encourage networking and exchange of experiences on peace building in Croatia and more broadly, in the region which was under conflict in year 1991;
  • Provide information, support and partnership to all local initiatives at their start, which activities are related to peace building;
  • Affirm activistic approach to local communities;
  • Continual self-education of members of the CMS, advancing their own understanding of peace work;
  • Initiatives of new models of education and self-education;
  • Inclusion into international network of Centers for Peace Studies.

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