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Svitanje - Association for Protection and Promotion of Mental Health

Svitanje raises awareness on importance of good mental health, works on decrease of social stigma, discrimination and inequality and provides support to persons with heavy mental conditions with their medicla treatments and rehabilitation.

 + 385 1 30 10 969
Street address:
Selska 112a
Postal address:
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Image: Svitanje - Association for Protection and Promotion of Mental HealthAssociation “Svitanje” is established in 2004. as association of citizens for protection and promotion of mental health. Priorities of Svitanje is raising awareness of the importance of the mental health, working on decreasing the social stigma of mentally ill persons, discrimination and inequality and providing support to persons with difficulties regarding mental health, that they need during their medical treatments, rehabilitation and recovering from the illness. The Association Svitanje has 90 members.

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