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B.a.B.e. - Be active, Be emancipated

B.a.B.e. (Be active, Be emancipated) is a strategic lobbying and advocacy group located in Zagreb, Croatia, working for the affirmation and implementation of women’s human rights.

 +385 1 4662 606
 +385 1 4662 606
Street address:
Selska 112a
Postal address:
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Image: B.a.B.e. - Be active, Be emancipatedB.a.B.e believes that the advancement of women is impossible unless and until their equal rights are fully protected.

It lobbies for the recognition and improved status of women’s human rights, such as:

  • the right to be free of violence, both at home and in the public sphere;
  • the right to reproductive choice and reproductive health, including the decision of when to create and how to raise children;
  • supporting the civil scene in Croatia and cooperating with peace, human rights, and ecological groups in Croatia.
  • the rights to equal and full participation in all aspects of society, especially in leadership roles and important decision-making. 

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